Celebrities With Short Hair

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Drop Dead Gorgeous Celebrities with Short Hair

Girls love to look at their favorite fashion model or movie celebrity with different hairstyles - after all, they set the trends, don’t they?


Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration from this list of hot top people in the spotlight who love to wear their hair on the shorter side.

Should They Change?

Imagine your favorite star with a different hairdo. This fun piece is all about the styles and celebrities with short hair. Imagine and fantasize.


How do you feel about today’s cuts and trends?

Maybe you are ready to pull out the scissors and start cutting your long hair. Maybe not! Do you unabashedly put your stock in the power of a flowing and luxuriant style in transforming anyone into goddess-like beauty?


Certainly, that is the kind of beauty treatment we’ve all been brought up on - models tossing their heads around on shampoo commercials, from lines in any romantic poetry that linger in your mind, and of course from George saying to Seinfeld, “I like thick lustrous hair; if I put my hand into her hair will I be able to take my hand out?”.

The Celebrity Pull

All this can make the rest of us, who have hair that deteriorates into split ends past shoulder length, feel like second best. But if this is what you allow yourself to think, you certainly have some sense of humor. Just run your eyes around the room, for some of the most stunning examples of celebrities who can pull it off and even get women with long dos mimicking them.


How about Cindy and Claudia - These High Fashion Models Can Wear Any Style, But...
At the time when high fashion super models Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Kandel and Christie Turlington had the world twisted around their little fingers, Linda Evangelista stood out as that rare fashion icon who could go it on her own. People fairly sat back in alarm, and then in awe, when Linda took to the catwalk tossing her micro short hairdo, proud and free of inhibitions.

The TV Generation

Of all the four women on Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda was the only one whose hair was short leaving the nape of her neck sunning nicely, and it certainly gave her character that special edge. Even with Samantha’s aggressive forwardness, Miranda was the one who seemed the most comfortable with being forward without trying hard.


Black High Heels Shine

It would be impossible to write this article without paying homage to Carrie-Anne Moss, the deadly cool actress who played Trinity in the Matrix trilogy. Her black leather sleeves look, her high cheek boned deadpan, and her short, ready for action locks, make her as no-nonsense as it made her feminine look.


Spicy Short for the Stars

Posh Spice or Victoria Beckham as she’s known these days has made quite a career of her looks and hairstyles. Ever since she hooked up with David Beckham, her Spice Girls era shoulder length went to a pixie-like puffed up shortcut that goes really well with her catwalk ready fashion clothing choices.


Oh, Demi!

But of all the celebrities with short hair that we’d come to love over the years, perhaps we should hand out to Demi Moore, for her devil-may-care, cute-as-a-button cropped hair in the 1991 hit Ghost. It was the look that gave her the superstar status once and for all.


Now, what if it could do the same for you? Check the variety and name your style. Get sassy!

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